Friday, February 26, 2010

Day #272

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This week has been full of “what the hell?” moments at work. It’s like I’m on a bad episode of the office except I’m not being paid a dime for being on the show.

Let’s recap shall we?

Crap you should not say in a public….

“I thought he was going to tell us she was hot.”
– 50 something married mother of two to my boss’s boss.

“If you mess with my house I will F*& you up.”
- Voicemail from drunk a**hole

“This will not be good press.”
- High strung psycho lady who showed up in my office and asked if I was the secretary since I was (A) a girl and (B) wearing a dress. So glad all those women burned their bras in the 70s for the women’s movement.

“Well, I guess you know him since you wash his undies”
- Another crack pot referring to my husband helping them out on a project and since I know him (or I guess just wash his clothes), I could help them out. This one received a “WTH?” look.

There are more but these were the top ones. Hello Friday…so glad to see you.

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