Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day # 297

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Well, I got back from California yesterday after several fun hours of flying. The trip to Monterrey was a whirlwind especially since I decided only two weeks earlier to go but I'm glad I went. My sorority sister Jill was an excellent tour guide as I saw 500 miles of California in 4 days.

Day 1: Of course the night before I left, I came down with some random flu so I was "that girl" on the plane out there. You know the type - the ones that sulks in the corner with their ipod or iphone jammed in their ears. Yep. That was me.
Luckily I sat next to this really nice computer geek on the first flight that took pity and left me alone. That was until I asked for tea from Stewardess Stephanie. Now I realize that I'm on a moving aircraft but I couldn't really breath nor could I talk due to my throat so I thought it would help. So when Stewardess Stephanie handed me my tea and most of it spilled on my left hand (yep...burning hot water...way fun), I wasn't mad until I asked for a first aid kit so I could fix my now burnt hand. Her answer?

"We don't have one."

You don't HAVE one?!? WTH. Delta Airlines FAIL.
I was totally stunned. It was the kind computer geek who asked her for ice to help with my hand which I held for the rest of the flight. The rest of the trip went fine and I did make it to California in one piece.

My first stop (per the request of my baby sister Charlea) was In-N-Out Burger. Apparently they have a normal menu and also a secret menu. I thought having a secret menu was a tad odd but at least the food was good. Then it was off to Monterrey where Jill and I went out to one of the local pubs to see the sites.

London Bridge Pub is a really cool place. Right on the water with a laid back atmosphere which was fine by me since I was a) sick and b) up for 22 hours.

We ended the night at this neat crepe place downtown that is open till 2 am and perfect to people watch. If you make it to Monterrey this must be on your to-do list.

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