Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day #395

If you have not read {or heard} about the story of Bayler Teal, take a moment to read this article from The Post and Courier about his passing on Sunday and his passion for Gamecock Baseball.
I think God finds his way of exemplifying his love and power in the most amazing ways. The Gamecocks could have easily lost their games to Clemson and gone home but instead they battled back to win a chance to play for the national title. And now, with the help of the media, more people are learning about the team's love for this little boy and their ultimate belief in God.
So much that a perfect stranger {from the Gamecock nation} fronted the money to pay for a charter flight so the Teal family could go to the World Series which is what their son would have loved to do. Seriously - God is in control of this one.
This baseball series, I feel, is a special one and encourage you to read the post by the P&C reporter Travis Haney. My fingers are crossed that the Gamecocks will one more for the little guy.

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