Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day #159

This morning in my sunrise yoga class, we had to pick something to focus on: wisdom, patience, energy and communications. Since I was schedule to be apart of the MDA Lock-upand needed to raise money this morning, I chose communications.

Ironically, that’s not really what God, had in store for me today.

While I did participate in the fundraiser (raised enough money in an hour to buy a kid wheelchair. Whoo!), that’s not the communications I needed to focus on.

Later in the afternoon, I got quite a scare. I saw on Twitter of all places that there were shootings at Fort Hood. The same place where my dear friend Hilary just moved to and where her husband is stationed.

My heart dropped and I ran to find my cell phone.

Thankfully after a call and text, I got a hold of her and she was okay. Her husband was on post (and now on lock down) but she had just left Fort Hood twenty minutes before the shooting. As the afternoon wore on, we kept text messaging each other updates - on my end, what was going on cable TV, twitter and Internet news stories and on her end, what was happening through military messaging.

Its insane now how one communicates with friends these days but yet the bond is still the same.

I pray for the families and friends of the 12 deaths and 31 injured soldiers. This is such a sad, sad tragedy for America.

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