Monday, April 12, 2010

Day #317

Day 3, 4 & 5

Curse my name now because this post is going to be full of photos so if you have a s-l-o-w connection...well I'm sorry.

Keeping up with the schedule, so on Day 3....

First we went to Jamba Juice since we don't have that in the South and Jill
thought I should have a shot of wheat grass. The fact that they literally cut the
grass in front of you to mix it up in a blender is hilarious.

Next we went to get our toes done and have a
spa moment before the big game. Mr. M designed
the t-shirt that Jill's wearing.

We found a great bar that allowed me to have control of the TV so I could watch the big game and scream my head off....which I did...loudly. I will say that this place was a amazing food and service wise. And the fact that they didn't kick me out for acting like a spaz during the game was a plus. Wofford did lose but they played an AWESOME game.

In efforts to cheer me up, Jill took me to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Of course Jill found this great little sign and then we had to get a photo with...

This a male seahorse giving birth. I know, we're being silly
but blame it on the wheat grass shot or the beer. Take your pick.

This was the only turtle in the whole darn place. Aquarium FAIL.

Next we went shopping on Cannery Row in all the tourist trap shops as I was
on the hunt for a pint glass to bring back to Mr. M (he collects them). We didn't find it
there but we did find it at this neat brewery. On another note, I thought this cheesy "They didn't have your name"name tag was hilarious. Poor kids.

Awkward tourist trap photo shoot.

Day 4:

The start of the wine trolley. :) A must-do in Monterrey.

Another fun stop on the wine trolley.

Random photo with the captain and two friends we made on the wine trolley.

Got to hang out with a few interesting birds at the Fisherman's Wharf. Apparently this guy
is called "Crazy George" at Jill's school and works in the cafeteria during the week. Small world. The reason for my "WTH" face is due to the fact that the "Crazy George" told me to let the bird eat my fingers. Clearly...WTH.

Day 5:
So Jill and I had a blast shopping and seeing the sites in San Fran.
Unfortunately we were having to much fun that we forgot to take photos.
She did drive down Lombard Street which is the crookedest street in America.

Last photo together :(

The start of my 8+ hour trip home.

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