Friday, April 16, 2010

Day #321

A great big THANK YOU to Leslie at LMSTOEHR for this great blog award! She's participating in Relay For Life this weekend (go Les!) and overall great blogger.

Here are the rules:
1. Blog about your award and the person who sent it to you including their link.

2. List 7 things may or may not know about you.

- I collect stress desk is covered with them.
- I'm a news junkie and would rather watch FOX, CNN, MSNBC than Big Brother or American Idol.
- I'm the oldest of four girls
- I would love to one day own a non-profit art gallery so local artist could show their work. Of course then I would have to win the lottery to pay for it so....
- I would like to one day win the lottery.
- I'm in love with CVS and the fact that I earn so much free money there.
And the fact that their staff tells me how to beat the system makes my day that much better.
- I so thankful everyday for my husband. :)

3. Pass the award onto 6 blogs that make you smile and give you inspiration.
This girl is HILARIOUS. Seriously, take a second to read this blog.

Also, in other news, I saw this trailer for a new movie that's coming out. It's about 4 babies in different parts of the world and their first year of life. The concept is pretty cool and since it seems that I'm now in the stage of my life where everyone is pregnant and my conversations are now about bottles and strollers rather than going to a wine tasting or shopping, it seemed fitting to me.

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