Monday, April 19, 2010

Day #324

SJ playing at the Shower.

Did we have a weekend? The past two days have been jammed packed with parties, dinners, a yard sale and a baby shower. It was just non-stop.

In breaking news...I finally broke down and got a blackberry. I'm not a big fan of smart phones for the simple fact that people are so distracted by them. Instead of being present in the moment, their noses are buried in the tiny screen and they're missing life as it passes them by.

The other big news is that my grandmother celebrated her 82nd birthday on Sunday. Mr. M and I drove to TN Sunday afternoon for dinner and we had a ball. She's at this fun age where she just likes to laugh and crack jokes and overall is just a happy person. I'm always amazed by how sharp her mind is at her age.

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