Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day #213

Our First Christmas

Part One

Happy Holidays! What a busy week – can you believe we only have two and half more days left in 2009? Sorry for not posting sooner as Monday was one crazy day at work.

Our First Christmas was great as we decided to travel 674 miles around the state of South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Even though we were in the car for 7+ hours, it was a chance for Mr. M and me to be alone and just talk {besides listen to the radio and watch the weather radar on the blackberry}.

Our first stop was in Manning, SC where we spent Christmas Eve with Mr. M’s family. It was fun to shop downtown {by the way – make a stop at Donna’s House downtown. Way cute store} and see the sights.

The photo is a little dark but this cute restored area called the The Horse Stables that's right across from the court house.

This was the pharmacy that Mr. M’s grandfather and uncle use to own….

Which made for a cute photo opportunity.

I also love the fact that Manning is pro-local shopping which is a new project I'm working on at work. Yeah for local businesses!

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