Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day #214

Our First Christmas

Part Two

Christmas day was full of activity as Mr. M and I drove from Manning to Tennessee for lunch at my grandmother’s home. It was great to catch up with her, my parents, sister C, uncles, aunts and cousins as we arrived when presents were being opened. Then of course, Mr. M and I enjoyed a delicious Christmas feast. I hope one day that I can cook as half as good as my grandmother.

Sister C. and me in Tennessee.

After that we traveled back to my parent’s home in South Carolina where immediate family had Christmas dinner. I think my dad was amazed by hustle and bustle of all of his four daughters working in the kitchen to get dinner on the table.

Then Mr. M and I headed back to our cozy home for our own Christmas and finishing the 600+ mile trip of family visits where we cooked dinner at home (salmon and crab cake pinwheels), drank champagne and opened gifts. It was truly a blessed weekend and I’m thankful that we were able to celebrate Jesus’ birthday being surrounded by loved ones.

Also, today is “I love you day” for Mr. M and I and guess who won – ME! Happy 7 months!

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